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Gold 001

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Gold 001 is a limited release of only 1000 units

A multidimensional, microfine pigment that knows no limits.

A combination of limited production and overwhelming demand made Gold 001 disappear almost instantly. There is another way to get your hands on one of these rare wonders. Watch this space for forthcoming details.

Gold 001 pigment
Metal spatula
Second life container
Mehron mixing liquid

Break the rules and be inventive. Gild eyelids and Cupid’s bow. Electrify brows and lips. Buff into skin for blinding luminosity.

Use a brush dampened with mixing liquid to optimize application of pigment. Experiment with the amount of liquid to create different effects, from an intense molten gleam to a sheer golden shimmer. Layer pigment over a primer for intense, long-lasting results.

Break and smash the pigment with spatula and store in second life container. Dig in and play fearlessly.