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Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit

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Evoke alchemical allure with Metalmorphosis 005, a supernatural collection for manifesting metallurgic masterpieces. Mother’s occult classic Gold 001 returns with the sisterhood of precious metals: Silver, Bronze, and Copper. The family that slays together stays together. Featuring polymorphic metallics and a black dual-ended marker in paradigm shifting formulations.

Transform and transfix with subversive shine and iconic illumination. Beat that face to devastate from daytime to dance floor.

*Alchemical addiction and catalytic chaos may result with prolonged use.

Gold 001 pigment 
Silver 005 pigment 
Bronze 005 pigment
Copper 005 pigment
Gold 005 cream
Silver 005 cream
Bronze 005 cream
Copper 005 cream
Black dual-ended marker
Mehron mixing liquid

IGNITE ILLUMINATION Let the Metalmorphosis begin! Use fingers or brush to activate luminescence with the metallic cream. Dip into the silky opulence and luxuriate in glistening sheen. Brighten eyelids, gild lips, and metalize shoulders for sensuous shine. From luminous veil to sparkling opacity- glittering, metallic radiance in one swipe.

META-METALLIC Start a chain reaction. Layer metallic pigment over molten cream for pyrodynamic brilliance. Dampen a brush with mixing medium to liquify the pigment and paint with light. Line eyes, electrify Cupid's bow, and spotlight features. Set your makeup ablaze with sinfully seductive luster.

PRACTICE THE DARK ARTS Add structure to the metallic mayhem and shape shift with the dual-ended marker. Elongate eyes using the pointed tip for razor-sharp lines and cutting edge looks. Frame eyes with the angled tip for bold, graphic glamour. Rich, jet black marker glides along the lash line with long lasting, instant color release.