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Phantom 002

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Limited release of only 1200 units

A defiantly decadent 8-piece kit to create underground looks that span the decades. One illegally black liner and a multiuse eye gloss for the ultimate hardcore glamour. Four self-indulgent shades to metallicize your smokey eye. Give black a new life and blitz into the darkness.

Gold 002 pigment 0.14 oz
Blue 002 pigment 0.14 oz
Copper 002 pigment 0.14 oz
Fuchsia 002 eye blush 0.14 oz
Black 002 eye gloss 0.14 oz
Black Caviar gel liner 0.018 oz
Blender brush 002
Flat brush 002

Let the ritual begin! Get your dosage of darkness and smear on jet black eye gloss fearlessly. Use fingers or the Japanese blender or flat brush to refine your oil-slicked noir drama. Construct an obsidian cut crease to achieve a serious beat down. Smudge hues of crushed metallics on top of blacked-out lids to serve major face!