Skin Fetish: Buffer 003 Brush

Dual-bristled for expert buffing.

Limited Quantities
  • Soft, Dual-Height Bristles for Effortless Application
  • Blends Cream and Powder Highlighters
  • Enables Effortless Layering 
  • Buffs and Diffuses with Ease
  • Weight-Balanced Handle for Control

Achieve Pat’s signature runway radiance with the pro tool that brilliantly buffs and strobes skin to surreally seamless perfection. A flat-top, dual-height bristle design allows for the effortless layering of cream, liquid or powder, beautifully blending them into skin to create a diffused, polished finish. The weight-balanced handle delivers exquisite control, ensuring perfectly illuminated skin in a flash.

Pat Says
"The ultimate skin accessory! This flat-top buffing Brush works with so many products – powder, cream and liquid. The densely-packed synthetic bristles at the base provide structure to the build while the soft-tips flex and conform to the shape of the face, hugging every angle they touch. The result is a diffused, blended, polished finish – perfect for any look!"

Skin Fetish: Buffer 003 Brush


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