Dual Precision Pencil Sharpener

The ultimate precision tool.

Limited Quantities
  • Dual Sharpener with High-Carbon Steel Blades
  • One Side Fits Dramatique Mega Lip Pencils
  • One Side Fits PermaGel Ultra Eye & Lip Pencils
  • Can Be Used On Both Wooden and Plastic Eye & Lip Liners
  • Removable Cap for Easy Cleaning
  • Plastic Pick Removes Hard-to-Reach Shavings
  • Designed for PAT McGRATH LABS

The Dual Precision Pencil Sharpener is Pat’s essential for precise eye and lip applications. Designed with two high-carbon steel blades, this tool is perfect for the Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil and PermaGel pencils, ensuring a smooth, perfect point every time. The sharpener is also accompanied by a slender cleaning pick to remove any shavings or debris, ensuring clean blades that are always ready to keep your makeup looking sharp. 

Pat Says
“The perfect point is paramount for every artist, and my Dual Precision Sharpener is a testament to this precision. Crafted to keep your tools sharp, this sharpener ensures that every PAT McGRATH LABS pencil in your collection is always ready to create beauty masterpieces with unparalleled precision.”

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