Sunlit Seduction Eye & Lip Artistry Kit

Iconic essentials. Unlimited looks.

Limited Quantities

A $252 VALUE

  • Mothership XI: Sunlit Seduction
  • IntensifEYES™ Longwear Primer
  • FetishEYES™ Mascara
  • PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in BLK Coffee
  • LUST: Gloss™ in Faux Real
Create your own major makeup moments with an ensemble synonymous with radiant allure. Immerse yourself in the luminous splendour of Mothership XI: Sunlit Seduction for eyes that transcend the everyday. Intensify the drama with IntensifEYES™ Longwear Primer, lend finesse to your gaze with PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in BLK Coffee, and ascend to new lash dimensions with FetishEYES™ Mascara. Culminate your look with the glossy opulence of LUST: Gloss™ in Faux Real. Step into a universe where your beauty knows no bounds! A $252 retail value.

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