FetishEYES™ Longwear Liquid Eye Shadow

Liquid luxury. Shimmering dimension.

Color: Twilight Platinum (Luminous Pewter with Sparkling Platinum Pearl)
Limited Quantities
  • Liquid Shimmer Shadow 
  • Creamy Texture 
  • Ultra-Blendable 
  • Crease-Proof
  • Smudge-Resistant 
  • Legendary Wear
  • 6.1 mL / 0.20fl oz 
Command attention with a liquid shimmer Eye Shadow that amplifies your gaze with radiant allure. Unleash grand multidimensional magnificence with a luxuriously lightweight high-impact formula that delivers ultra-creamy, crease-proof Legendary Wear in mesmerising shades that flatter all skin tones. Infused with squalene, this eye shadow ensures optimal comfort, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The emollient qualities of the formula enhance the skin’s natural texture, providing a satisfying sensory experience with each application.
Pat Says
“I’m thrilled to present my latest high-impact liquid shadow! It outshines the stars with its radiant intensity in a diverse range of shimmering shades. The lightweight formula, fortified with squalene, makes it easy to apply, so you can create stunning eye looks that carry you throughout your day. You're going to love it!”

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