Skin Fetish: Divine Glow Highlighter

Smooth, high-intensity highlight. More
Color: Bronze Mirage
Limited Quantities
  • Infused with Botanical Oils
  • High -Intensity Glow
  • Micro-Perfecting Finish
  • 4.9g / 0.17oz
Turn your complexion on with dazzling divinity. This high-polish pressed metallic Highlighter combines skin-loving botanical oils with multi-toned micro-pearls. Molten luminosity blends seamlessly into skin for a smooth, with an ultra-reflective finish and imperceptible, silken feel. The luxe satiny powder instantly imbues everything it touches — ranging from cheekbones to décolletage — with gilded, glass-like lustre and solar-flare shine.
Pat Says
“This high-intensity highlighter is the perfect texture to sculpt with light on my seven favorite go-to highlight points: the inner corner of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the Cupid’s bow, the center of the chin, the tops of cheekbones, the center of the eyelids and the brow bone.”